Title Search in Thailand

Doing a title search before you purchase land in Thailand is highly recommended. Before making an actual purchase, you need to search the background of the land you are interested in buying, who the current and actual owner of the property is, the type of claim he is holding as well as who the original owners of the property are.

Originally, the King owned all lands in Thailand but the establishment of the Land Department in 1901 allowed private entities to take hold of deeds. From 1901 to the present day, numerous land reform initiatives were initiated that resulted in confusion. Some title deeds do allow ownership of the land but do not permit their owners to conduct a sale.

Another risk is buying land without you knowing that the owner of the land is not actually the seller and the owner himself has no idea that his piece of property is being sold by someone whom he did not authorize to sell.

You may think that doing a title search only delays your purchase of the property; that it is unimportant and costly especially if you will employ title search services from legal and real estate firms in the Kingdom.

Indeed, it may take such a long time for a title search to be completed. Rightly so because it involves a lot of digging and requires the best of investigative skills in order to uncover the true status of the land or property and its title deeds. This course of action would require the person to ask particular questions and obtain the right documents from offices and officers of the government.

Doing a title search may even serve you best and save you a lot of money because you bought a property in which you are quite sure of that it will not be a subject of litigation in the future, that it has no legal issues and the title deed of the land is genuine.

In the long run, spending more money on real estate and legal service firms will provide you with better security and sound peace of mind knowing that the property you have bought poses no legal debacles in the future.

Thai Legal Advisors
Thai Legal Advisors
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